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  • It’s Complicated

    It’s complicated

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  • Last Woman on Earth

    Last Woman on Earth

    I am the last woman on earth. I live alone in my house and every day I do the Schedule: yoga, coffee, meditation, breakfast, look out the window, laundry, make the bed, take a shower, take a walk, lie on the floor, wait for the dogs to jump on me, eat stuff from the fridge, […]

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  • The Length of Winter

    I forgot how long winter is. It doesn’t extend from November to March as it should but it’s disobedient and sometimes hides inside a heart and a chamber to the left or to the right and there you are with only a part of your heart functioning because of winter or it’s a fact. You […]

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  • A great review for The…

    A great review for The...

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  • Letting Go When There Is…

    Letting Go When There’s No Rope Left I have a friend who is trying to get divorced. This has been going on for two years. The marriage was a good length, (ten years), and a good part of it was not unhappy but the divorce has turned into a nightmare of hatred, accusations, bitterness, anger, […]

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  • Lament to Valentine’s Day

    Lament to Valentine’s Day I am not sure why it exists but do realize it has something to do with St Valentine, maybe Cupid, and definitely Hallmark cards. I start to worry about Valentine’s Day a few weeks before it happens. Why do I worry, you might ask? Right. Normal people don’t worry. Normal people […]

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  • Heart’s Desire

    Heart’s Desire

  • Shake it up, baby

    More stuff: I was listening to the radio this morning and hearing Iran and Turkey are trading commodities. Iran is shipping uranium to Turkey in return for more “enriched uranium” for fuel rods to use in medical equipment for cancer research. This piece of news has been received with some hesitation as it does not […]

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  • What other people hear

    Yesterday I passed an open double-decker bus filled with Asians who were touring San Francisco. The tour director was Hispanic and conducting the tour in English. I stood on the sidewalk and attempted to understand what he was saying for at least two minutes. I couldn’t understand a word. The people in the bus listened […]

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  • Gandi’s words mean so much…

    I believe that true democracy can only be an outcome of nonviolence.  The structure of a world federation can be raised only on a foundation of nonviolence, and violence will have to be totally given up in world affairs. -Gandhi, 1942

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