Far away city

Far away city with dreams that went to sleep

About Lucinda

Lucinda Watson has worked as a teacher, a healer, a volunteer, a naturalist guide, a storyteller and a board member of a few nonprofits, sometimes all at once. Watson worked for more than 10 years at the Haas School of Business, teaching communication skills to the MBA population and recruiting business leaders to speak at Haas.

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Describe a positive thing a family member has done for you. Loved me unconditionally


The most accurate word to describe the times we are living in is despair. There are those people who can continue without noticing the darkness inside of them. Even they are stumbling. The children are feeling despair. Very little for them to do about it. Days come and go. Rain falls. I notice the children’s despair because when I am around them, they look at me and their eyes say take me away from this. Being able to communicate with children without saying a word is a gift I’ve had my whole life. Sometimes the blessing is so great I…

Anger Management

Everyone is dreaming even if they never dreamed before. This is making people feel like they are going nuts! Dreams come from our subconscious where nothing is censored. That’s the scary part. Sometimes we feel as if we are dreaming reality and then we wake up and must sit with these dreams and pray they don’t come true or they do come true. I find my dreams way too fascinating. I always have. When I was a child, many things would happen I had already seen would happen. I am becoming uncensored or maybe that’s always been my nature and…

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