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Far away city with dreams that went to sleep

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Lucinda Watson has worked as a teacher, a healer, a volunteer, a naturalist guide, a storyteller and a board member of a few nonprofits, sometimes all at once. Watson worked for more than 10 years at the Haas School of Business, teaching communication skills to the MBA population and recruiting business leaders to speak at Haas.

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Explore some poems, snippets, and essays of my life.

The House

This morning the bones of the house had creaked and moaned and snapped with a ferociousness not heard before. Its flesh slapping at the restraining drywall and crying as the resident mice left for warmer climes. No one left here to feel winter coming. She wanted to raise her hand. She came once in November before buying the house and spent a week walking through the eight rooms in different patterns hearing conversations in the future that she knew would happen within them. She listened mainly to children as they are the easiest to write scripts for. Friends said nice…

Post Halloween Thoughts

Post Halloween Thoughts   Last night was Halloween and I went to the parade in the small town where I live. I went with my two favorite friends with whom I would go anywhere particularly now. They are the most positive people and I have no idea how they do it. Sometimes it annoys me because I am drawn to the dark side of life. I feel justified in this mainly because the world supports me by behaving in such an incredibly irresponsible manner. These days human life seems to have no value and like Bitcoin is tossed about and…

I Always Know

I always know what people think. This is a blessing and a curse. It’s akin to saying I am never wrong but thankfully I stopped doing that a few years ago. I was once in Walmart with my mom before she died looking for nails, hammers, and hooks. She had never been to Walmart and wasn’t sure she wanted to go inside as she worried one of her friends might see her there. For the very same reason she would never go alone to the movies as someone might see her and think,” Look at poor Olive Watson all alone…

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