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Lucinda Watson has worked as a teacher, a healer, a volunteer, a naturalist guide, a storyteller and a board member of a few nonprofits, sometimes all at once. Watson worked for more than 10 years at the Haas School of Business, teaching communication skills to the MBA population and recruiting business leaders to speak at Haas.

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My Mother gets Religeon or…

When my mother was dying she began to wonder about religion. My Mom had a great way of putting things. Once, when we went to Walmart for picture hangers, she told me I was too competent and that was why there was no man in my life. I found this hysterical but also probably accurate. From time to time I have pretended to be somewhat helpless with men out of loyalty to her. I think it worked once because the guy I was with was much nicer but then he kept talking about all these things I already knew so […]

August 5, 2022

Today would have been the 50th birthday of my daughter. She died five years ago. Initially, I heard nothing from her. Perhaps you think that sounds strange but it’s the truth. I always believed that I would be in touch with loved ones who had moved on to their next life. I talk with my Mom all the time. I’m working up to doing that with my Dad. Sometimes I wish my Mom would be quieter as she is very critical of my clothing. Not much changes in the afterlife. Anyway, I did hear from my daughter immediately after she […]

Love and Work

Love and Work   Nothing makes me madder than people disrespecting my work. Well, that’s not completely true. Injustice and cruelty and abuse make me really mad. In my personal life, however, nothing makes me madder than someone saying to me “You know if you do this it’s going to require a lot of focus and attention and some time to be put in every day.”   I hear this all the time. For some reason people look at me at the age of 73 and imagine that I’ve had an easy life. In fact, a dilettante life. While I […]

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