Category: Meditation, Yoga and Broken Hearts

  • Take a look around you

    Take a look around you

    Stop, look and listen. Remember when we heard those words as kids? Very Buddhist of our parents and Captain Kangaroo.The day passes before we have even put our finger down on the earth. The night passes much more slowly. There are so many people to tell that you love them and so few to hate .Look […]

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  • Bullies and How To Treat…

    Bullies and How to treat them I am writing a lie with the above title as I have no idea how to treat bullies. Actually it is one of the things in life I am working on: my reaction time to bullies. I ran into one at my little gym the other day. Let’s call […]

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  • What’s Important

    The morning coffee the affection of dogs sunshine honesty paying your bills especially when the payee needs the money breathing remembering to breathe smiling making others smile being truthful being faithful taking yourself out to where you want to go knowing where you want to go admiring other people who are smarter than you admiring […]

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