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  • More Erotic Fantasies from an…

    More Erotic Fantasies from an older woman Though I am not married, I believe in marriage. I like the word, “husband”. I know this may make some of you smirk.  How can someone like me, an avowed feminist, be supportive of marriage? I think I believe in marriage because I believe in happy endings, holding […]

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  • My Bunion

    My Bunion and what it taught me. First of all…was the bunion named after Paul Bunion? Does anyone know the answer to that? I am an expert in what it feels like to have a bunion as I have had one for 15 years. I never knew I had a bunion until a friend of […]

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  • Erotic Fantascy for Post Menopausal…

    EROTIC FANTASCY FOR POST MENOPAUSAL WOMEN Tonight while waiting for my son In a restaurant by the water in the setting sunlight a man Passed by and I wanted to keep him. He sat across from my table and while I waited,  I had married him and we were old. He loved me completely and […]

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