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  • Why I Changed My Mind…

    Why I Changed My Mind...

    “Why I changed my mind about Meghan and Harry” I’ve been looking forward to the Netflix documentary about Meaghan and Harry just like a lot of folks who are British royal family fans. It’s a harmless and pleasant pursuit during this never-ending time of “staying home with Covid” and we are all desperate for things […]

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  • 5 Things

    Listen to CNN 5 ThingsView in browser Monday 08.09.21 The Tokyo Olympics just ended, but can you believe the Beijing 2022 Winter Games are less than six months away? Here’s what else you need to know to Get Up to Speed and On With Your Day.  By AJ Willingham A medical worker rests last week at a Covid-19 ICU […]

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  • Ferguson

    So today on Facebook I posted a piece written by a black woman who was raised by white parents which Gloria Steinem had originally posted. It’s been up for a few hours and there’s only one comment. No likes. A friend of mine “unliked” it saying it was biased. I think it’s right on. The […]

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  • Heart

    Subject: heart I was waliking in San Francisco and I felt a sudden jump in my chest: a kindove a flip flopping or a fist turning or maybe more like something foreign inside me that was trying to get out. I kept on walking as that’s what I do. I was the master of my […]

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  • waiting for the view to…

  • It’s a sultry morning here in Maine: the kind that might make you think you were in Antigua waiting for an early morning coffee on the porch of a house overlooking English Bay and around you were the remnants of a late night party with one pale pink sandal cast off in the corner. You walk to the […]

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  • today

    The world remembers to turn. The sun:to find holes in the atmosphere. New York, Tallahassee, New Orleans, Phoenix, Lake Tahoe (still causes God to blink) I am surprised by waking as sleep is an unmapped state. Surprised to find the sun before I had finished examining the darkness.

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  • Summer in Maine

    There must be another word to describe silence here in Maine where it is so profound.

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  • Larry Rivers: Shame on You!

    Larry Rivers From the Grave: Another case of sexual abuse All right, guys, let’s be honest here. Larry Rivers was a well-known artist who left his estate in the hands of a foundation. The foundation gave most of his work to NYU. When NYU found there were films in the collection of River’s young daughters […]

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  • bridge the gap

    bridge the gap