Category: Sexual Abuse

  • More on Sexual Abuse by…

    Today’s New York Times There is another article on the cover of today’s’ New York Times about priests who get away with sexual abuse for years with the assistance of the Catholic Church. “German Priest in Abuse Case is suspended” “Munich- The priest at the center of a German sex-abuse scandal that has embroiled Pope […]

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  • Catholic Priests

    There have been a few recent stories about Catholic priests and molestation of young boys. In most cases the boys suffered through not one but many instances of molestation by a priest and remained silent about this abuse for years. I am sure there are many more men out there who were molested by a […]

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  • Roman Polanski and Mackenzie Phillips

    I have been pondering the news over the past week and am disturbed by what is going on in the world. Not only have we had alarming incidences of violence in nature,  we have also heard from Mackenzie Phillips  and Roman Polanski. Perhaps these two names might not be connected in some reader’s eyes, but to […]

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