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I was listening to the radio this morning and hearing Iran and Turkey are trading commodities. Iran is shipping uranium to Turkey in return for more “enriched uranium” for fuel rods to use in medical equipment for cancer research.

This piece of news has been received with some hesitation as it does not signify in any way Iran is giving up its nuclear program. The development of nuclear weaponry will continue in Iran and we should view this with fear as Iran is a country without moral input into its decisions. When Iran has nuclear weapons is when the world is in dire danger of being destroyed. There is no question about this and I am fearful about the lack of control and our inability to regulate anything in this matter.

So many of my readers have written to me agreeing with my negative outlook on the world’s survival as it is now. I am not happy about this agreement. I wish I could find a more positive stand to take but I can’t. It seems there are two sides to this worldwide recession: those who believe it has all happened before and those who sense there has never been anything like this. The ones who sense this time is different come from different age groups and cultures. There is no way to predict what makes one join one side or another.  Some of us just know there is a major change happening and are trying not to allow fear get in the way of function. We are trying to live our lives with love in our hearts and compassion in our behavior but it is taking a toll on all of us.

The environment is slowly being destroyed: volcano’s erupting; oil seeping into the Gulf Stream, earthquakes, tornados and typhoons are hitting the world with a vengeance. I prefer not to think of this as a destructive cycle, however, but rather a time of cleansing and change. The old order was not working and a new one is being created. The financial markets will collapse from all the instability and the huge amount of debt almost every country in the world is now subject to. There is no one left who will offer bailouts and no place to keep money that seems relatively safe.

For those of us who live alone, life seems more lonely but also more controllable. I long to find a partner but also love my solitude, particularly at this time. I find I need much more time to meditate and focus so I do not lose my way. I feel easily knocked off my course, easily fooled by the behavior of others, easily mislead by lies. I am trying to tread water with a steady rhythm but it isn’t easy. It becomes easier when I focus on gratitude and sending love to the world. Opening my heart is easy even during this time.

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