The Length of Winter

I forgot how long winter is.

It doesn’t extend from November to March

as it should but it’s disobedient and sometimes hides inside a heart and a chamber to the left or to the right and there you are with only a part of your heart functioning because of winter or it’s a fact. You think it will get better but in fact you’re wrong because once something is frozen it’s never the same. Even a hamburger isn’t as flavorful once defrosted. I used to think that people could learn over time that frostbite prevented circulation and thus freedom however experience has taught me that if you let something freeze it can never really be brought back to life appropriately again.

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One response to “The Length of Winter”

  1. Dave Leech Avatar
    Dave Leech

    Hmm, this is a big step down from your upbeat radio broadcast, Cindy. I’m sending a cyber hug. I do regret never hugging you but i do remember tackling you on the lawn at your house.

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