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  • I Fall in Love Too…

    I fall in love easily if the man is famous, or good looking, or rich. Not only do I fall in love but I think the man is better than me and I feel unworthy, rough elbowed and potato lumpy, so I want them more. (They will never love me wanting so much). I create […]

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  • 5 of the Best Memoirs…

    5 of the Best Memoirs in Verse By Women | Book Riot — Read on www.google.com/amp/s/bookriot.com/memoirs-in-verse-by-women/amp/

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  • https://tinyurl.com/y2lzf82m

    Listen to “Radio Friends” with Paul Pepper

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  • A great review for The…

    A great review for The...


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  • What I mean

    What I mean

    Autonomy like monotony but without the pendulum marking time. This time Is monotonous but for the autonomous It’s fine For a time. What I’m Really Saying about life in California I’m beginning to see I need no one after a time. I’m preparing for the lifeboat, the buoy, the evacuation of the planet, no packing, […]

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  • I am working today

    I am working today

  • Reading Vol de Nuit

    vimeo.com/436968130 Reading “Vol de Nuit”

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  • Wasp Homelife

    Wasp Homelife

    “Ashes to ashes, dust to dust, we bury the upper crust. “

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  • Memorial Day

    Memorial Day

    In honor of Memorial Day I choose the Good Humor: a treat on a wooden stick, vanilla ice cream covered in thin dark chocolate, covered in white shiny paper that was hermetically sealed over it. Teeth were the utensil most often used to open it up! The good humor arrived in the truck driven by […]

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  • In the Desert You Can’t…

    In the Desert You Can’t...

      In the December desert near the crepuscular  hour many people experience subtle, ocular change. Sometimes these changes are permanent. Saguaros (Te  quiero) can begin to move and appear to challenge with their arms the delicate prickly pear while the Feather cactus plays, “catch a falling Star“. It is, however, the Christmas cactus that interests me:  blooming blood red pink like a baby‘s lips exactly at the time they say we had a virgin birth. […]

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