What I mean


like monotony

but without the pendulum

marking time.

This time

Is monotonous

but for the autonomous

It’s fine

For a time.

What I’m Really Saying about life in California

I’m beginning to see

I need no one after a time.

I’m preparing for the lifeboat,

the buoy,

the evacuation of the planet,

no packing, everyone is coming.

I’m leaving everything


It’s meaningless.

People come and go.

I’m trying to be brave.

Now I realize people want to hear hope from me as I’m old.

So I hand them some perfectly ripe

tomatoes from my garden,

tell them how to chop the basil

add the olive oil,

mix with hands.

Serve at room temperature

perhaps outside with the sun

fighting to make its way through the smoke just for one last time.

It’s good to eat with others

as things digest more easily.

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5 responses to “What I mean”

  1. Margaret Watson Avatar
    Margaret Watson

    Beautifully said!!

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  2. Diana Coleman Avatar

    Wonderful poem Lucinda…Stay safe and well!

  3. duncan999 Avatar

    Just received The Favorite. So excited to read it!

    1. lucindaw Avatar

      Thank you so much.

  4. Elizabeth Delmonico Avatar
    Elizabeth Delmonico

    It’s beautiful–autonomy’s relationship with monotony especially–and hope embodied in tomatoes and chopped basil. Keep hoping, though without RBG there’s a spark less of hope in the world.

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