Tag: Holidays

  • Ode to the Saccherine Now…

    Ode to the Saccharine Now the Holidays Are Here Oh the sweet, sweet saccharine: The slyly slippery sneaky feel of the sweet Tangerine or the loyally predictable caramel, Yes, the clapboard house in snow, Yes, the sound of wedding bells, The coy golden retriever or the fallacious feline, Crispy white sheets and buttered toast, sublime, […]

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  • Lament to Valentine’s Day

    Lament to Valentine’s Day I am not sure why it exists but do realize it has something to do with St Valentine, maybe Cupid, and definitely Hallmark cards. I start to worry about Valentine’s Day a few weeks before it happens. Why do I worry, you might ask? Right. Normal people don’t worry. Normal people […]

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