Tag: Relationships

  • Parking lot debris

    I have a friend who manages a parking lot outside a large office building. The other day she told me that there were no longer many condoms found in the lot but there were many dental picks. I’m not sure if this is good or bad and I guess it depends on your point of […]

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  • Retirement Community

    Retirement Community People come to my house because they think I will let them in. So I do. Sometimes they’re drunk or on drugs or they have no money or they can’t be alone. They are just looking for a nice place to stay for a while. Most of the time I wish they would […]

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  • Match.com

    Finding a Match on Match.com Yes, it may seem strange to married people that many are seeking love on Match.com, but it is very true in todays’ world of high tech compatibility. There are many young people on Match which is natural, but there are many older people as well. There are people from “good […]

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