Covert Covid

  Covert Covid

I spent so much time as a child hiding and waiting that I am

really good at doing this thing that we have to do right now.

So we hide and we wait but we’re not really sure how long we have to do this.

So I know that’s why I am getting itchy skin and restless legs syndrome.

And I find most other people really hard to take.

A policeman on the street corner near to me

yells at an old lady. Construction workers spit in your path. Mask wearers versus non-mask wearers have set battle lines and there is going to be a fight this Saturday at 2:04 PM on the corner of Harrison and Santa Rosa. A duel.  Sharp tongues used as weapons and nobody has a second. Or a third or even the first. A first.

 Someone asked me what it was like the first time I knew I was in love. I told them it was so long ago I couldn’t remember.

I guess it might honestly be right now with my puppy who jumps on my head in the early morning but does it so gently it feels like butterflies on my eyes. The first time she did it I was astonished.

 I force myself to leave the house. Yesterday I went to the dentist and it was terribly exciting. I have a canker sore. She asked me if I was stressed. Then we both couldn’t stop laughing.

 On NPR two scientists announced that the general population was drinking too much. For some reason I have always hated the obvious.

The biggest thrill is going to the supermarket. Now I’m eating things like tuna melt and macaroni and cheese balls. Before too long I’ll be a chubby old lady. I don’t really care. Yesterday my cousin said he didn’t really care either.

I’ve always loved that particular cousin. It’s hot now and it might be hot for a while.

 I can’t hold my breath underwater anymore as I  feel like I’m drowning even if I’m not in the pool.             

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3 responses to “Covert Covid”

  1. Elizabeth Delmonico Avatar
    Elizabeth Delmonico

    Neal and I were both laughing at this. I’ve never wanted to see a duel, but maybe the one scheduled for 2:04 p.m. with sharp tongues as weapons–I’d like to see that one. Stay healthy, Lucinda.

  2. libbykoponen Avatar

    This made me laugh — and admit that I too am getting crabby with disapproval. It’s always easier when someone else admits it first. And yes, some revelation from the 2 scientists. The UPS guy just laughs when he delivers my wine. Everyone is orering more, he says.


    Thank you for reminding me that I am not alone in this Covid experience. Thank God for our dogs-that is pure love without the complication of a human unfolding..stable consistent love and adoration. Wag the tail and love to you, dear Lucinda

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