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  • Heart’s Desire

    Heart’s Desire

  • Love

    Love: The haves and the have nots…. Is there an in between?  Some have love and some do not. Some live alone and some live with another. I have noticed that neither role seems to be completely fulfilling. Over my 15 years of singlehood I have been tempted several times to jump into living together, […]

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  • Inside Green

    From a beach house in California where the sun is setting and the dog has been washed comes a certain light that enchants and softens the end of the day. The guests have left, the nap has passed and all there is to do is listen to the sound of crustaceans being trapped and readied […]

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  • Wishbone tree

    Some trees are for looking at, some are for climbing, some are for lying in, some are simply made to create a dream from. Today is a dream creating day: warm and sunny and I have a good reason to believe in the power of manifestation because I manifested a dream of mine and it […]

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  • Add some chores to your…

    I have always wanted pigs, chickens and cows…..

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  • day by day love

    Sometimes it takes a cold fall day in the hospital with a friend to realize  what matters is  the fact you are breathing. People all over Boston are going to work, eating meals, laughing, crying, but none of them are consciously thinking thank God I am breathing. I think we should think about that. I often […]

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