Add some chores to your life…

Recently a friend emailed me  with the phrase, “Don’t create your future from your past.” I love this quote. I am going to remember it now when I am trying to resolve a situation. What a good idea it is to look to what you want and not what you have had. Look to what you really see as being safe and happy and joyful and create it in your life.

Most of the time we just replay old tapes: believing without really thinking it  we “deserve” what we are receiving in our lives. Isn’t it a good idea to dream of what you want from your future and then actualize it?

I am finding these days that simple chores bring me back to my life’s purpose. When I wake up I do the things I am supposed to do to make my life function well.

Walk the dog

Read the paper

drink coffee



clean my house

do laundry

fold clothes

empty/fill the dishwasher

make the bed

do office chores

check bills

check accounts

read financial news

All these things make me feel as if I have completed something for that day. Something simple.The more I feel forward motion the more I think more clearly and write more clearly. I wish, in a way, we lived in a time where chores were more basic. I have always wanted pigs, chickens and cows so there would be more of a routine to my morning. Maybe a loom to spin sheep’s wool or a foundry to hammer shoes for my horse. A garden would be nice with fragrant frangipani out of its element and some red, ripe, raunchy tomatoes to bite into. Basic earthly delights.That’s what I long for. Maybe that’s what I should create from my future!

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