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  • Ode to a Fiddlehead

    There’s something so pleasing about the feel of a fiddlehead fern on a tongue, so satisfyingly round and with a squelchy sound when bitten open and savored, one can imagine dancing a jig, or chasing a pig, maybe laughing a lot if eating while hot and the cares of the world are forgot!

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  • Frost..


    Halfway between a breath and a death I met you again. Out of line with the north star Facing east but travelling south unmoored, undone each sky still dusk and dawn only a desire not a song. I was waiting.

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  • Storm Coming

    Storm Coming

  • Letting Go When There Is…

    Letting Go When There’s No Rope Left I have a friend who is trying to get divorced. This has been going on for two years. The marriage was a good length, (ten years), and a good part of it was not unhappy but the divorce has turned into a nightmare of hatred, accusations, bitterness, anger, […]

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  • What kind of day?

    My mother, who was wise when she wanted to be, used to say,” you can either have a good day or a bad day!”

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  • Hypochondriac

    I definitely have the qualities of a hypochondriac!

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  • Heart

    Subject: heart I was waliking in San Francisco and I felt a sudden jump in my chest: a kindove a flip flopping or a fist turning or maybe more like something foreign inside me that was trying to get out. I kept on walking as that’s what I do. I was the master of my […]

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  • Remembering something you thought you…

    Remembering Something You Thought You Wouldn’t Again I believe in love and second chances. I believe in the power of memory. I love to reflect on whom I might have married or where I might have lived. I love nothing more than a glance from an attractive man in a public place which says to […]

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  • Losing a friend you thought…

    I read the obituaries every morning as many people do. I have no idea why we do this. I look for reasons why people died, how old they were when they died, who survived them, etc. The other morning I saw that my childhood friend had died in February of a long term illness. There […]

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      Ahhhhhhhhhhhh Balenciaga! I write about the romantic in life because that is what uplifts me. If that is what uplifts you as well then take a trip to the de Young Museum and see the Balenciaga exhibit.  It will be well worth your while as there are many visions to dream on.  I think I […]

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