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  • The Length of Winter

    I forgot how long winter is. It doesn’t extend from November to March as it should but it’s disobedient and sometimes hides inside a heart and a chamber to the left or to the right and there you are with only a part of your heart functioning because of winter or it’s a fact. You […]

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  • A great review for The…

    A great review for The...

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  • Summer 1955

    Summer 1955 Nothing is moving today. Neither the trees nor the grass not the top parts of the ocean nor the blacks birds over the path. The heat falls onto us mid morning and children lose interest in torturing the dog. I think I hear the Good Humor man’s truck, an echoing television from an […]

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  • My Mother’s Hair

    My Mother’s Hair

    My Mother’s Hair My mother’s hair always escaped from under her red kerchief or the hairspray lacquered on  for control and the hair often went dancing in a night club in Manhattan even when she was in labor with one of us. You can’t control wildness. My mother lay, legs askew, baby coming, never having […]

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  • Our Front Hall

    Our Front Hall

    Our Front Hall Our front hall had a very tall grandfather clock at the foot of the stairs keeping watch over the household. No one could wind it but my father and the clock defined the nights in regular chimes reaching everyone’s ears in everyone’s bedroom.There was a front hall table made of lustrous mahogany […]

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  • Ode to a Fiddlehead

    There’s something so pleasing about the feel of a fiddlehead fern on a tongue, so satisfyingly round and with a squelchy sound when bitten open and savored, one can imagine dancing a jig, or chasing a pig, maybe laughing a lot if eating while hot and the cares of the world are forgot!

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  • Frost..


    Halfway between a breath and a death I met you again. Out of line with the north star Facing east but travelling south unmoored, undone each sky still dusk and dawn only a desire not a song. I was waiting.

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  • Storm Coming

    Storm Coming

  • Letting Go When There Is…

    Letting Go When There’s No Rope Left I have a friend who is trying to get divorced. This has been going on for two years. The marriage was a good length, (ten years), and a good part of it was not unhappy but the divorce has turned into a nightmare of hatred, accusations, bitterness, anger, […]

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