Second Floor Window


Second Floor Window


People have always asked me

if I live alone? I think I must seem like

a pack animal. The urge to

gather warmth around me so obvious

to others but I remain oblivious.

From my own personal observation

I notice

my happiest times

are when I am alone reflecting

on the canopy of a tree, or


a glimmer of ocean from a second floor

window as the rare is infinitely more


than the commonplace.

Here in summer, many prefer the full on

blast of ocean houses carrying past their

front porches

boatloads of revelry or roars of lionlike

testosterone gargling along from the

Maserati’s of speed boats.

I have always

preferred the second or

third row of houses far enough from the

ocean to avoid the damaging sea spray and

near enough to catch a glimpse of shiny


out the second floor corner window while

standing on a low stool.


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2 responses to “Second Floor Window”

  1. Cindy Roby Avatar
    Cindy Roby

    Reminds me of my mother-in-law’s house In Nantucket. A peek at the bay over rooftops from the beautiful wide porch with wicker furniture!

  2. Elizabeth Delmonico Avatar
    Elizabeth Delmonico


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