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  • uses for curtains in London

    uses for curtains in London

    I wrote a while ago about Fergie and her shame and it was interesting to read what people thought. Some were sad about it as I was and  some thought it was unimportant in light of what was going on in the world. I agree with both sides of the coin. When I saw the […]

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  • What did you hear today?

    What did you hear today?

    I heard from a banker that he agreed with me on the market outlook, saying the “blip” in the market was a terrorist attempt to see if the stock market could be manipulated. Isn’t that interesting? There is a definite shift happening. I wonder almost hourly what my role should be in all of this. […]

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  • Don’t buy stocks now…

    Something new in the universe.. Mercury is out of retrograde But we still stand a chance of tipping off our axis. If you think there are too many things that are off in the world you are right. The environmental issues are bad enough but the presence of nuclear weapons will be what destroys us. […]

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  • Square red planter

    Square red planter

    There is something very inspiring about an empty planter. Sometimes I leave planters unfilled for an entire season. This is disturbing to many and inspiring to others.I like the looks of this empty red planter because it looks as if it has been empty for a long time. This morning in the Times there is […]

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  • Why I hate Musical Chairs…and…

    “Recently I have been thinking about how much of my identity is tied up in having money.”

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