Don’t buy stocks now…

Something new in the universe..

Mercury is out of retrograde

But we still stand a chance of tipping off our axis.

If you think there are too many things that are off in the world you are right. The environmental issues are bad enough but the presence of nuclear weapons will be what destroys us. If only each country could decide to not be afraid of losing what they have and to give up weaponry, we might be safe. Without a universal decision to abandon the use of nuclear weapons on this planet we will eventually destroy it. It seems strange to me that the world cannot grasp this consequence. It’s like a smoker who keeps on smoking thinking they will avoid any health consequence. There is no other possible outcome than eventual disaster.

That is my thought for the day. That, along with a warning not to buy more stocks. Though most analysts are stating we have a recovery in progress, it is my bet that the European economy will fail in their attempt to bail out Greece and that failure will result in a bigger failure in our markets. Spread out your net worth as much as you can choosing bonds and hard assets. We are in for a time when money will be meaningless and arrogance, a thing of the past.

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