What did you hear today?

I heard from a banker that he agreed with me on the market outlook, saying the “blip” in the market was a terrorist attempt to see if the stock market could be manipulated. Isn’t that interesting? There is a definite shift happening. I wonder almost hourly what my role should be in all of this. What can I do to help people? I think there are a lot of us wondering this which is a wonderful thing! If more people begin to wonder how they can help the world, the world will be helped. I am thinking about collaborative effort and had lunch today with a man who is working on a project with the Dali Llama. They are creating a program throughout universities for nonviolent negotiation skills: how great is that? The Dali Llama is magic. I didn’t learn collaborative skills in my childhood and am working on learning them now. It doesn’t involve using my intelligence only giving up my pride and letting go of any self-defense I am clinging to.

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