Category: Single Life

  • Open Handed…

    Satisfied with what is in your hand? I remember once going to a talk at a local Buddhist retreat. At the beginning of the talk the speaker asked the audience to hold out their hand and then make a fist. We all dutifully did this and held our fists for what seemed a long time. […]

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  • Santa Fe

    For a single person Santa Fe is a good place to visit as it is casual and not focused on family entertainment. I am here for a photographic workshop which is probably my first since college. I find it challenging as well as frustrating as I am not as knowledgable as others in the class. […]

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  • day by day love

    Sometimes it takes a cold fall day in the hospital with a friend to realize  what matters is  the fact you are breathing. People all over Boston are going to work, eating meals, laughing, crying, but none of them are consciously thinking thank God I am breathing. I think we should think about that. I often […]

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