Just Another Saturday Night

Just another Saturday Night

So tonight let’s take a bottle of that nice wine someone gave us down to the shore while the sun sets as it will set for a very long time up here and when it has left us to go on to some other friends lets still stay here and hold hands and you can kiss me like you did one winter and I will be enchanted again by the endless possibilities of it all because that’s what I do in Maine in the summertime and wine is important and can you imagine people who date people who don’t drink  as I think that would be so difficult as then there would be no sunset or no kiss maybe I am wrong about this but I have a feeling it would be like watching a musical on Broadway and the orchestra has gone home for the night but the cast is still desperately trying to sing to us all and it seems a little bit to me like the time I was in bed with a man who had hearing problems and he turned  and removed his hearing aids placing them carefully on the night table before turning back to me to make love and I was thinking why did he do that  is he so used to making love without hearing what his partner is saying  maybe he doesn’t care or maybe that’s just how he has done it for years so I got out of bed and left the house.

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  1. Don Avatar

    Billy Collins says a poem is something that starts in one place and ends up in another- so it´s a poem! I love this style of writing and use it myself sometimes. The title- Just Another Saturday Night- hints of boredom and maybe a tinge of frustration, but the poem itself starts out with such feeling, description and love. But then it ends up with you walking out into a night that you don´t (correctly I think) even describe. Just your leaving the house describes it all. I thought there were places where the run-on style of writing could have been a little tighter, but I love the ultimate effect.

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