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  • Leave time to cool off…

    Hot Things If you take something off the stove after it boils and let it sit, after a while it will cool off. This is my latest credo in life. It works for everything. Love affairs Arguments Business decisions. It is just a great mantra for life. If something feels too hot to handle then […]

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  • I am grateful for comments…

    Dear  Ms. Watson, I have read a few of your blogs, most recently  the one your wrote this morning. There is great heart and truth in what you write. You talked about fear and yet you expose your soul  in a way few can articulate and to anyone with open eyes, some find great fear […]

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  • More on Abandonment and Car…

    Why write? I write because I have to write. I have been writing since I was in third grade. At first it was about my dog and now it is still about my dog and sometimes about my men. All right, all you readers out there in web land who gave me a hard time […]

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  • Sunday Thoughts on Accountability

    On Sundays I want to stay in bed. sometimes I do. Sometimes I close my eyes and travel: I try not to travel in the past or future but that makes the trip limited. There is a state in between awake and asleep that feels very pleasant to me.This morning I found myself thinking about accountability […]

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  • sit in the chair in…

    sit in the chair in...

  • Family

    My cousin said to me tonight that you can’t change family dynamics and I think she is right. The way someone was as  a child is the way a sibling always sees them. Mean people stay mean. Bullies stay bullies. Angels stay angels. All you can do is try to accept the way they are. Returning […]

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    Inventing a Life Yesterday I went to visit an old friend who is 87 now and mostly stays close to home. She moves about with a cane and is in pain a lot of the time but her mind is as sharp as ever and her memory is filled with the most remarkable things. I […]

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