Cherry blossoms
Toi Derricotte

I went down to mingle my breath
with the breath
of the cherry blossoms.
There were photographers:
Mothers arranging their
children against
gnarled old trees;
a couple, hugging,
asks a passerby
to snap them
like that,
so that their love
will always be caught
between two friendships:
ours & the friendship
of the cherry trees.
Oh Cherry,
why can’t my poems
be as beautiful?
A young woman in a fur-trimmed
coat sets a card table
with linens, candles,
a picnic basket & wine.
A father tips
a boy’s wheelchair back
so he can gaze
up at a branched
All around us
the blossoms
flurry down
Be patient
you have an ancient beauty.
Be patient, you have an ancient beauty.

Cherry Trees blossom for only a brief moment.

Such a selfish tree.

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