It’s all Greek to me

It’s Greek to me!

So for all of you out there who wonder if the world is coming to an end, YES! That is the world as we know it. There is no doubt in my mind that a new age is dawning. The market is falling and rising and falling. The volatility index is going crazy in a way that tells me we are in for a big roller coaster ride. The Greeks are pissed their life is changed from now on and no amount of retsina will make it feel all right. Spain will fall soon, and after Spain will come Portugal, France and Italy. Germany, filled with all those dutiful and hard working citizens, will try to evict themselves from the mess but by then it will be too late. Our economy will follow. Who will be left? China? India? Brazil? Obama? I don’t think so. Life as we know it will not exist but we will redesign a new life. Wait and see. Now is the time to believe in magic and the power of love and of the universe. That’s all we have for now. Everything is in a state of flux and the only constant is love. I am trying to stay focused on that. I have no control over what goes on and no desire to have control. I think our leaders for the most part are in denial. They think that by mouthing platitudes we will feel safe and go back to our old habits and all will be well. Is there one leader out there who sees what is going on? I don’t think so. Volcanoes, floods, bombs, oil leaks, plagues, and so on. Prepare by being aware and staying present. That’s all we can do. Mark my words, nothing will be as it is and our only hope for survival is to develop compassion and feel love for the world. Those of us who do this will lead the world out of this place and make it another place which will be better.

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