What I have learned about life today

What I Have learned about Life…

If you want to be happy set reasonable goals for yourself and achieve them.

Decide that no matter what your parents wanted for you what matters is what you want for yourself.

Figure out what you want for yourself and map out how to achieve that.

Fill your life with people who understand, respect and love you.

Get a dog.

Write down from time to time what you have achieved and reflect with pride on those achievements.

Forget the past.

Collect humorous moments and reflect on them daily.

Eat food that hasn’t been touched by a million hands.

Get outside and breathe.

Love freely and without looking for what you get back.

Fall in love, but only after you have clearly seen what your love object is capable of.

Look for contentment in the moment.

Be happy when you find someone who loves what you are in all its complexity.

Forgiveness means you have stopped looking for what can’t be given to you.

Wisdom means you appreciate the gifts you receive.

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