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A New Way to be Sure About Your New Relationship

Tired of aimless dating that leads nowhere?

Looking for a life partner and not willing to waste anymore time?

Willing to spend a week with your potential new mate and pay for it?

Well then, welcome to Hotel Possibility: the place where you can learn what is really up with the new person in your life.

Hotel Possibility is open to the possibility that if two people who are attracted to one another spend a week in each other’s company they will discover whether or not they are compatable and thus save a lot of  time and money in the  future.

Hotel Possibility is a quiet, well situated place with 50 rooms each with a separate bath. There is a restaurant with excellent food as well as numerous sports facilities on the premises. The hotel grounds are comprised of 50 acres of rolling hills with a nine hole golf course, a shooting range, and several tennis courts. There is also a large work out facility and two pools: one indoor and one outdoor. Spa services are available at any hour of the day or night. Service is our middle name here at Hotel Possibility.

When a couple signs up for a week at Hotel Possibility they receive a packet which contains a brief questionnaire for both to fill out. Upon receiving the questionnaires as well as a 50% deposit for the week, a couple is given their schedule as well as the medical tests they will receive on the first day. Hotel Possibility removes all issues for new couples by providing testing for all possible communicable diseases and has results ready within 24 hours.

Once a couple has been given the test results, they will also be given a series of psychological tests which will determine their compatibility. Each couple will be given a lie detector test using the questions their new prospective partner wants them to answer. Our staff psychologists worked previously with Wall Street professionals and are experienced with discovering exaggeration and mistruth.

After the first 48 hours at the hotel the couple has all the practical information they may need to know about each other and can decide at this point if they want to continue with the week’s plan. Should a couple decide to leave at this point they are refunded the balance of their deposit with the exception of medical costs, meals and 2 night’s occupancy.

Over the course of the next 4 days each couple engages in a series of social events, athletic events and solo evenings. There are guided conversations, water balloon fights, roller coaster rides as well as quiet time on the golf course. All couples are encouraged to nap each afternoon.

Hotel Possibility eliminates all the stress of dating and gives you a safe place to really get to know the one you are interested in. The atmosphere is discreet and peaceful yet lively and fun. Some of our couples miss the midnight disco when they return to the real world.

Why not try our hotel? It is the only place of its kind in the world? Don’t spend any more time wondering and waiting for the romance to unfold. Book two rooms at the Hotel Possibility and see whether or not you can make a match before a year more of your life passes. No guest has ever said they didn’t have a really good time!

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3 responses to “Welcome to the Hotel Possibility!”

  1. Margot Avatar

    I want to invest!

    1. lucindaw Avatar

      You are the only one to be positive about this place! I love your open mind. I think it is also because you are young and get it! Funny!

  2. beatrice bowles Avatar

    What country or planet is this in or on? Sounds a bit scary and yet interesting…I am not sure people can be that organized into falling in love! Always a chance!

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