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The most important thing to do for me is to keep reminding myself that every breath I take is an exercise in staying alive. Don’t look to the future even if it’s just tomorrow. Don’t look at the past and all the shadows. Just keep breathing. If I need something to calm me down I think of my grandchildren. I am very grateful for them. I’ve had other periods like this in my life but they were from my own depression which caused me to feel that I couldn’t go anywhere or do anything. The fact that this is caused by a worldwide pandemic is too mind boggling to even comprehend. So I focus instead on the books in my house that I have yet to read, and the people that I hear from that I love so much. That’s my work. I wish I could help you find yours.

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  1. Mclibby Avatar

    I’m reading Jane Smiley’s !3 WAYS TO LOOK AT THE NOVEL and was excited to read that she write HORSE HEAVEN in a spirit of “joyful composition.” That’s how it reads, that’s what I guessed. It is my favorite of her books and I wish there were books like it!

    But if there were all I would do is read.

    Instead my days usually but not always include getting outside to walk.

    The book is inspiring — she said she didn’t even plan HORSE HEAVEN, she just sat down and waited for inspiration and when it came, started writing. This probably isn’t true, mostly what authors say about how they write isn’t, but it’s a fun idea.

    Tonight I may allow myself to start re-reading MOO, which isn’t as good as HORSE HEAVEN but is still pretty funny.

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