The Hard, Cold Snow

The Coming of the Snow

The hard, cold snow is here,

The kind that makes you wince.

The great, crackling steps one takes that sink unexpectedly,

Mother earth reminding you she’s but a heavy footfall away.

So a morning walk becomes impossible and the dog, depressed.

Your husband reminds you how he loves the winter but

You remember how warm sun feels and how each morning contains freedom.

There are those who live outside and those who live inside.

The watchers and the livers

Each needs the other to remind them what they miss

Not better or worse

Just different.

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2 responses to “The Hard, Cold Snow”

  1. Beatrice Avatar

    Intriguing how we often yearn for change in the weather, no matter what is
    happening out there. Here I am watching the first snowfall at sugar bowl, pristine and feather light.
    Rejoicing but I will be glad to get to sea level. Happy holiday ahead, dear Lulu! Xo to Ted

  2. christina Avatar

    This was so wonderful!!!I love your poems (always ) ..I love ” the watchers and the livers”..Everyone does need to remind the other, and sometimes, one becomes the other.
    A smile for ” the dog becomes depressed..”..:) xx

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