The Facts of My Life

The Facts of My Life


I believe I can make myself invisible if I want.

I believe if I walk around in the garden at night magic will happen to me.

I believe that I am usually headed in the right direction even when I am lost.

I believe in the power of faith except when it doesn’t work.

I believe I can communicate with my grandchildren telepathically.

I believe if I just keep on trying right before I die I will understand and accept absolutely everything.


I understand that my children have lives of their own and I can’t let them feel my loneliness.

I understand that most people don’t worry about being chosen for a team.

I understand that water is displaced by a solid object dropped into it and that our bodies are made of water.

I understand that I was a difficult child.

I understand that some people don’t care if no one touches them.


I hear there is a lake not far from here in Maine with a large, hot rock in the center where monkeys sit and preen their families all day but I am afraid of monkeys.

I hear that some people can live alone and be happy.

I hear that night is caused by God sleeping on the job but I think it’s so we can dream.

I hear that passion sputters and you forget it after 60 but maybe I have a developmental delay.

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  1. Caroline Guthrie Avatar
    Caroline Guthrie

    Love this Lucinda, thank you! XxC

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