Spine Mine

Spinal Surgery



Eight weeks ago I had spine surgery

and it took 7 hours to make me less

fragile but I am still fragile.

I told the anesthesiologist I was anxious

and he wrote I had a “psychiatric disorder”

in my chart.

He had black, thick hair and sat back in

his seat while crossing his legs and brushing

nonexistent lint off his lab coat which was

 labeled Lawrence Ferlinghetti but I

might have misread that as I was under

the influence of some wonderful drug

someone gave me made from butterflies

outside the ladies room.

I asked him one question or maybe it was a request.

“Please play only Taylor Swift and Coldplay Viva con Vida while I’m asleep.”

When I woke up I ruled the world.

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2 responses to “Spine Mine”

  1. Bob Simon Avatar
    Bob Simon

    What changed other than the doctor’s lint? You’ve ruled the world ever since I met you.

    1. lucindaw Avatar

      I love this comment

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