Pretending to be French

Pretending to be FrenchPretending to be French is fun! Probably more fun that being American though that can be fun as well.  There was a slice of almond bark in the ice tea I’m drinking and I highly recommend this addition as it is very flavorful. Pretending should be a part of everyone’s day as it makes one happy. I often  pretend I am somewhere other than where I am but in Paris there is no point to doing that as why would you want to be anywhere else? I learned a lot on this trip. The biggest lesson was to watch how someone behaves without needing them to behave in a certain way. In doing this I learned how happy I am just accepting what others have to give and not wanting more. I could write on and one about this but I think I will let it be. The quality of the gift is enhanced when there is no need in the receiver.

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