pay no attention to the man behind the curtain

In summer it is a good thing to travel with hand luggage,

eat fruit colored orange by the sun somewhere else

sleep on white sheets

avoid things  needing long periods of chewing


swim underwater anad open your eyes

play ocean noise over and over

the waves like an angry lions paw

on the beach.

I am interested in stopping time.

Yesterday on the airplane I saw a woman repeat herself

walking up the aisle.

She was older and yet

in a younger costume thinking it would make her life begin again.

There are wild rose hips here and it isn’t even Ireland. No one touches them . The lone dog wanders the beach.

I wish I could see my father’s hand again and tell him what I think

and this time he would listen.

There is someone in the room turning the round ball which holds the bingo numbers and I am waiting for B 61.

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