notes from a dachshund: part 3

She doesn’t really feel like writing much these days. I see her start to write and then wander off so I know it is my chance to blither on. I can understand why she feels like this. Frankly, a day watching Bloomberg can ruin any chance of fun for me. There are few treats when she feels like this. I am worried about my dinner! What if she can’t afford the good dog food I like? What if she forgets about feeding me all together? Tonight we had dinner with a friend of hers who has another friend who has a dachshund like me. This friend of his is thinking of giving away her dachshund as she says he is biting people. Now I know this can’t be true. not one of mine! We only bite when there is real danger. And I mean serious danger! We bite when someone is about to really hurt us or someone we love. Think about it! What would the world be like if we simply gave away our family members because we were sick and tired of caring for them? I think that is what Bloomberg is doing. We are all scared about where our next biscuit is coming from as we watch the dwindling resources of this country. The way the dollar is plunging is scary and the way the stupid government people are printing money is scary. I remember a few years ago when one of her young friends had a toy printing press. He kept printing out dollar bills in the excited manner of most five year olds do when given a new toy. He used this “money” to get his parents to buy him stuff. The parents complied with him. He kept printing. They kept buying. Sooner or later something had to give. The parents had given too much. The kid went to school and the parents hid the printing press. The kids came home and whined for a moment and then found another toy. The trouble is we have no parents to give away the printing press to stop this nonsense. This is no game. A dog doesn’t just begin to bite for no reason. An owner gets sick of caring for a dog when they are depressed and then the owner begins to fabricate stories about why they can’t keep the dog. The big wigs in Washington where I have never been are not paying  attention to what is really happening here. Dogs biting for no reason. Currencies dropping. People losing jobs. Families dropping their dogs at shelters. Families breaking apart. No bones for breakfast! I am worried. I wish I could write a silly blog but for the first time I agree with her.

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