Melania reminds me of mean Barbie:

You know the one I mean…

You never play with mean Barbie

as you can’t talk her like the others.

You have no idea what her voice would

sound like so you leave her respectfully

in the box. Lord only knows where she’s from but someplace tough.You don’t even remember who gave you mean Barbie. You do have a hunch. So many people can’t connect with kids or anyone for that matter.Giving mean Barbie to a kid is like invisible punishments: you know they are coming but you don’t know when or where. Or what you’ve done.

I have great sympathy for Melania. I may be the only one in California that does. I’d like to know what bargain she made to keep dressing like mean Barbie and holding the hand of the Donald. What is she thinking when she has that expression on her face that makes her look like Cruella Deville? Is it all about money? What would it have been like for her if she just had married a normal guy who couldn’t afford beautiful clothes.

I’m hoping that there’s a reason that’s very compelling that she’s doing this other thing just to be the first lady. It’s one thing to be the first lady to Barack Obama but it’s quite another to be the first lady to Donald Trump.

Maybe she has a plan. Maybe she thinks there’s some tiny way she can make things better in the world. I hope so. People gave me mean Barbies and I never took them out of the boxes.They made me nervous. I have a really hard time with people who are living a disingenuous life. I’m lucky because I have the advantage of being able to live a genuine life.

It’s easy if you lose someone that’s a part of you and your heart breaks and nothing is ever the same again and you keep hoping that you imagined the whole thing but you know you didn’t. Living a genuine life is the only way you can live after you suffered great loss. Things become clearer

And it’s annoying to a lot of people. But the good news is you really don’t care. Truth is a liberator and I guess that’s the benefit of pain.

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