It’s Wednesday

It doesn’t really matter what day it is because nobody knows anyway. Maybe bankers know. I don’t know. I don’t really care. I have a weird feeling that things are not going to get better for a really long time. I’m used to my mask by now and in fact I find it quite handy. I could be a bank robber, or an anesthesiologist. I go for the latter. I think there are a lot of people who would be happy to have me put them to sleep right now. I don’t think I’ve eaten any vegetables today. Normally I would know right away what I’ve eaten each day. I don’t really like fruit. We never had fruit in our house growing up. We had six shiny mackintosh apples in a straw basket on top of the red counter in the pantry. They were the only snack we were allowed after school. I hate apples.

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2 responses to “It’s Wednesday”

  1. Elizabeth Delmonico Avatar
    Elizabeth Delmonico

    These resonate, Lucinda. Past and present, dream and reality, are still muddled together at the start of this year. (Hey, about apples: if Yahweh had said “Don’t eat them,” would we like them better?

  2. Cindy Roby Avatar
    Cindy Roby

    I am laughing about the apples too! Always a bowl of shiny ones in my childhood kitchen that looked better than they tasted. It was only later as a young mother fulfilling my weekly commitment as a volunteer at the Sausalito Nursery School that I learned that a ‘schmear’ of peanut butter on an apple slice was pure ambrosia!

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