Gratitude for Dogs

The night is young as they say and I am enjoying the soft fog curling about the hills of Marin as well as the antics of “Rosie”, my small dog, who continues to entertain and delight me. I completely understand why studies show that people who live alone benefit from the presence of an animal. My Rosie adds an enormous amount of pleasure to my life particularly in the morning. Rosie sleeps patiently next to me in my bed yet somehow knows the exact moment I  awaken in the morning when she begins our ritual of dachshund/human love. She burrows under the covers right by my face and announces in her own way that she needs attention in the form of adoring belly scratches. I never withhold love from Rosie as whatever I give her is given back three times over. The sheer delight of our morning encounters never ceases to bring me joy and laughter. With Rosie, love seems so simple. The agenda is food, scratching, petting, walking and then sleeping. I know what to do for her, and she, for me. She looks in my eyes and says to me she understands what I feel and accepts it. I look into hers and know what it feels like to absolutely adore someone. A friend of mine said the other day that she loved her dog as much as her daughter and I understood. Rosie goes everywhere with me and often speaks to strangers. Sometimes people call my house and ask to speak to her as she is a very good conversationalist. She has advice on all matters of life including: dress, men, sex, children and , above all else, food. She really is not interested in wine which disappoints me. The other day she commented to me that I should see more of my friends in California as I seemed much happier here than in the east. She really likes my boyfriend as he likes her and sometimes that’s all it takes for us to like someone else. She tells me he needs to wake up and realize that love is all there is and I completely agree with her. What I have noticed is that sometimes people prefer to sleep very soundly through life and there is really not much you can do to wake them up. You can nudge them with your dachshund nose and look at them with your melting brown eyes and , frankly, if they can’t adore you they are fools!

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