Funny how Catholics are afraid of the Pope…

I don’t really understand why Catholics are afraid of the Pope having been raised without much organized religion. My Dad would periodically take us to church and then spend the bulk of the service chewing gum and writing in his notebook. During our Sunday lunch sometimes he would ask one of us what we had thought of the sermon as he had not heard one word. I don’t think church made us better children or better people in the world. I  enjoyed Sunday School as I liked to examine the teacher’s mink wrap with its beady eyes and small claws. Once I actually pulled out a claw and took it home with me. This is probably why I will never go to Heaven. One single mink claw theft.

As of this moment I am disgusted with the Catholic church as you know, my good readers! I can’t help it as I find it unbelievable that priests have been able to abuse children over and over and still go unpunished. Their behavior is incomprehensible to me as is their lack of accountability and punishment.Some say it is because the abuse is not reported to the police but to the parish head. I hope Catholic parents begin to see the light here and change their behavior. If someone had abused my son they would no longer be living happily on this earth.I am not saying I am perfect, I am saying I have a strong protective sense of my children even now as they are adults.

Perhaps my lack of respect or terror for the church is a good thing as I don’t fear reporting abuse or any bad behavior. What I resent is the absolute power of the church instilled in children when in the presence of the clergy. It seems clear to me there is a much higher  percentage of abuse among the clergy than in the average population. Why is this, you might ask?I have no answer but I will continue to ask myself this question. There are a few very obvious answers. Until Catholics ask themselves these questions and question the authority of the church, these abuses will continue.

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2 responses to “Funny how Catholics are afraid of the Pope…”

  1. Maria Mihanovich Avatar

    I loved your blog and your website. I guess some priests were child abusers or in the closet child abusers and they become priests because it is a great way to abuse children. It is the other way around, pedophiles join the Church so that they can abuse children more easily. As you say they have this aura and power that makes the terrified children be victims in silence, completely messed up about the sanctity or the evilness of it, and the priests know they can count on it. They also know that the Church will protect them and keep the secret.
    What to me is also unacceptable is that the parents:
    1) Don’t realize that their children are being abused, or don’t want to see it
    2) They don’t stand against the Church
    I hope that now that all this has been so exposed as never before, that abuses
    will be more easy to be detected. I also think that children and parents should be educated and warned about these abuses, and that the parents, as well as the priests, should be hold accountable.
    It is great to connect with you through your blog,

  2. donna Avatar

    In total agreement… D

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