Flying over the country and I still look down for the names of states.
I think they should be neatly tattooed into the earth.
Why oh Ming is so lovely when written out clearly in ranch land.
Ida ho could be mounded into the fields with its children, the potatoes.
Virginia is an italic state and should be identified as such.
Vermont has always been thin and taciturn so the slender side of Mt. Mansfield would do.
New York, now that has been a problem for many a map maker.
(If earth is not available I would not object to a modest neon light show).
Each little square or triangle or sliver has inhabitants.
If I could see the names of my sweet states slipping by beneath me
I could be happy for them,
Send them kisses and blessings,
But without names marked into my states I am bereft at flying above borders
That remain unmarked.

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3 responses to “Defrosting”

  1. deborahweir Avatar

    Terrific! Deborah Weir

    1. lucindaw Avatar

      Thank you so much!

  2. John McWilliams Avatar
    John McWilliams

    I think we should have lines painted of the states’ borders, then we should be educated enough to supply the names!

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