David Lebovitz, “The sweet Life in Paris”

Wow! Am I glad I bought this book on my new Kindle as it is the perfect book to have with you on a trip to Paris. The Kindle is also a great thing to travel with. I never thought I would break down and get one but as a traveler who likes to have a few books in her suitcase I find the Kindle amazing. I “brought” five books with me on this trip , have finished two , and will return with all five! Usually I feel happy to toss away the ones I read along the way to friends and then miss them once I am home. My daughter said she wouldn’t want a Kindle as she likes to underline in the  books she reads but there is a feature for that in the Kindle. Anyway, back to David’s book. I have no idea how I found this book but I am very glad I did. I have savored reading it as one savours a delicious chocolate mousse or a light and frothy cheese souffle. It is a delight to the eyes as well as to the taste buds. Interspersed between reflections on life in Paris and the customs of the French are amazing recipes that make your mouth water. I read the book all through the night last night and had to raid the mini bar at three in the morning from hunger pangs.What I really loved about the book were the suggested behaviors to those traveling in France. The best tip to me was the importance of greeting a shop person immediately upon entering a store in France. One tends not to do this out of an awkwardness with speaking French but once you master this art your experience in the shop becomes a very different one.I put this behavior to the test yesterday and was rewarded immediately with a happy understanding between the shop keeper and myself. A recognition we were both from the same correct and respectful place. I was sorry to finish up the last few pages this morning but happy to know it is available to me at the touch of the Kindle awake switch! That’s it for now from a happy woman in Paris.

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2 responses to “David Lebovitz, “The sweet Life in Paris””

  1. thefirstchild:P Avatar

    so true- life in paris is especially all about relationships- that morning hello might become a lifetime relationship with the storekeeper , and they especially love you as a foreigner if you understand the code of politesse and begin with a jolly forthright “Bonjour Madame” ..I walked into a place in the Left bank my last trip, a very heady looking chic place with a salesclerk who might have terrified me under any circumstances- almost six feet tall, thin as a rail, perfectly chic and with a slim model’s stare- began my usual attack of Bonjour Madame, ca va Madame? and within an hour and a half (she literally wouldn’t let me leave the store, wanted to dress me in everything, and this was pre recession) she had told me her life story, her dreams, all about her family…so worth the little courage! bravo maman..

  2. Margot Avatar

    So that’s why they were always so mean to me?? I wish i’d known years ago, I would have spent all my $ on lingerie…

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