Bring Back the Three Wise Men

Bring Them Back


Oh Bring Back the Three Wise Men

But this time let them be women.

Dress them in Levis.

Send them to Turkey, to Pakistan, to Australia,

Send them to Russia and to Los Angeles.

Do this quickly as its spreading.

Don’t let them give you any more Myrrh:

There are enough bodies to embalm, babies to bury,

Tell them their gifts last time were useless.

Shun the gold

Spin the incense

Become incensed and tell them the star in the east is a cell tower.

(Herod murdered all the children under two:

Is this the behavior of a leader?)

Instead of gifts this time let’s ask for peace.



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2 responses to “Bring Back the Three Wise Men”

  1. John McWilliams Avatar
    John McWilliams

    Excellent, especially for the season. Merry Christmas!

  2. Jack Ryder Avatar

    Wonderful. And wise indeed.

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