August 5, 2022

Today would have been the 50th birthday of my daughter.

She died five years ago. Initially, I heard nothing from her.

Perhaps you think that sounds strange but it’s the truth.

I always believed that I would be in touch with loved ones who

had moved on to their next life. I talk with my Mom all the time.

I’m working up to doing that with my Dad. Sometimes I wish my

Mom would be quieter as she is very critical of my clothing.

Not much changes in the afterlife. Anyway, I did hear from my daughter

immediately after she died and it helped me understand what had

happened but not why it happened. I will never understand or accept it.

Last weekend I was staying in a small and cozy house in upstate New

York on the edge of a large lake. I never understood before that large

lakes are like oceans: the weather patterns are extremely inconsistent

and sometimes volatile reminding me of some folks I have known. The

lake is compelling because of these changes. At night the people who

live in this community sit outside and enjoy life.

They laugh and drink and have a lot of fun. This is a wonderful thing

unless you happen to want to to sleep. Then you are out of luck and have

to wait for the disbandment of the group next door.

I have discovered patience in my old age so I waited. Finally it was about

11 PM and I was tired.

I decided to contact my daughter. I asked her to make the people stop

partying. Two seconds later, literally, there was a loud thunderclap and a

torrential rain shower began. I couldn’t stop laughing and neither could

she. It was so perfect and so very funny.

I’ve decided to re-examine the concept of the afterlife.

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7 responses to “August 5, 2022

  1. Betsy Avatar


  2. Cynthia Roby Avatar
    Cynthia Roby


  3. Barbara Avatar

    I love that story and am remembering your daughter on her birthday.

  4. Cornelia Avatar

    Love this.

  5. Vaughn de Guigne Avatar
    Vaughn de Guigne

    Am celebrating your connections-yay! Much love to you from me!

  6. upbeatwriteragain Avatar

    A ‘thunder clap’ of praise for these poignant words!

  7. David Hopkins Avatar
    David Hopkins

    Sending lots of love. Continue to re-examine.

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