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Assisted Living




The waiting room is where you are

When no one wants you in their house

And you can’t live alone because you don’t know when it’s

Time to eat or shit

And maybe you think it’s morning

When it’s night and your eyes aren’t so good

But as far as you know your heart

Is in the right place

Which is on your left breast.

The waiting room is where you go

When no one can

Look you in the eye

And they nod when you ask if it’s time to go home.

You are home and there’s no leaving

Whether you like it or not.

Frankly, there’s no one left who cares.

Either you’ve been a bitch or you haven’t.

It doesn’t matter because in the waiting room

There’s no one to help you

Except if you draw a lucky bingo ball

And get put to bed early

Then you can dream if you stored anything up

That was interesting

Or sweet.

If not, you are out of luck.

In the waiting room there are no commercials.

The attendants come and go.

You get the back of their hand

Unless you can reflect their future

In your eyes.

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