where is my path?

where is my path?

I have been remiss about writing in my blog because my personal GPS seemed to be broken. As much as I tried I could not see a direction and therefore I had little to write. The path is clearer today and I am happy about that. I have been reading about “Intentional Communities” which are communities formed by those who want to live in a social group. These groups are often based on spirituality, common interests, or economic purpose. I am  finding more and more people who do not want to live alone any longer. The American ideal of self-sufficiency is no longer as appealing to many single people and we are looking for alternatives. This concept is not new but one which has been tried a few times in the past some more successfully than others. Imagine living with a group of people who were all connected with purpose and love. I think that would be a wonderful way to enjoy life and have the support of friends.

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