What does ?

What does one do when the sun is setting

and the neighbors are drinking magaritas

and the birds have stopped crying for anything

and the televison is silent.

What does one do

when it’s too early for wine

and the night seems so long

and sleeping can’t happen

for another five hours

What does one do?

You think this is a song and i have an answer but I don’t and I know what I do but maybe it won’t work for you or maybe it will if you try it.

You want to know, you ask, then come closer and I will tell you but only if I can see you are as true as a white Begonia or perhaps a Narcissus without the mirror or maybe I will give you a TIGER to take care of your rodent problem and then you would have entertainment in l” heure bleu” which you so obviously need or you wouldn’t be reading this piece on what to do, would you?

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One response to “What does ?”

  1. Don H Avatar
    Don H

    If the neighbor´s are drinking Margaritas, why is it too early for you to drink wine? Let´s share a Cavernet Sauvignon and later we can talk in a L´Heure Blur

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