put your money under your mattress

You would have to be hiding under a log at this point in time not to notice what is going on in our economy. I am not an economist. Far from it. I actually failed math for several years and had to go to summer school. Once my seventh grade teacher caught me cheating by copying an answer from a fellow student during a math test. I was terrified but had been more terrified to fail math once again. I don’t have to look at anyone else’s analysis of our current stock market to feel things are not right. There are too many people out of work to balance  our economy. I think Americans have such a short attention span for any type of deprivation that we are just going about our lives pretending we have good jobs and lots of money in the bank. I see people shopping again in stores and going out to dinner in good restaurants, particularly here in California. People are saying isn’t it great things are back on track. No one is saying lets keep our heads down and hope for the best which is what we should be saying. The stock market is so overinflated at this point there is no value at all. Stocks have gone much higher than they should have as the value in corporations simply isn’t there. Production has picked up incrementally but consumers shouldn’t really be buying. What should be happening is a hunkering down for winter and a real reluctance to spend more money. We should all be saving what we have and trying to figure out where to invest what we have before we lose it. Trust me on this. The bad times are not over. I think they are just beginning. I hope I am wrong as that would be a good thing. I can’t find one reason to believe I am wrong as I have no faith in our President or our Congress. Both forces would like to think they have actually turned things around. I have no faith in them. I have faith in the fact that all around me people are losing their jobs an dhave no savings to use for the hard times. There are so many peopel who have been out of work for a very long time. People are applying for food stamps left and right. Why is there this myth happening that all is right with the economy? I don’t get it. We should be telling people to save more and spend less right now in order to prepare for winter.

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  1. Marie Z. Amoruso Avatar
    Marie Z. Amoruso

    Dear Lucinda,
    We haven’t lost our country yet … those who inflated without monitoring the government programs hopefully will experience a set back next week. I have down-loaded the Health Legislation (1990 pages!) and am so upset by so much, including under the “definition portion” establishment of a Health Comissioner who will be complete control … will determine the ailments covered for each individual … not our physicians. The “do-gooders” in Washington seem to be doing us in. Why not just extend selection of carriers across state lines, do eliminate junk-type suits or is that too simple. Then fix Medicare. Once Government has demonstrated competency, then go forward, if it is necessary.
    Yes, the fable of the ant and the grasshopper should be remembered and practiced by all. Save for a rainy day. You are much younger than I, yet you recall the old adages! Hooray for your ancesters!!! Some day we’ll have to continue our conversation re:education. Enjoiy the sunshine. Sorry that you won’t be with us at the screen Writing Workshop on Nov. 12th. Affectionately, Marie

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