Moon Out of Alignment

Moon out of Alignment

There are some days that feel off from the beginning. You get woken up in the middle of the night by a chirping smoke alarm battery or your dog poops someplace and you don’t have a bag with you or someone, anyone, gives you a hard time before you have had coffee or anything else for that matter. You know those kind of days. We all have them.  I find them hard to take these days.

I have been up in the mountains for a while where I re-encountered someone I knew maybe 15 years ago. It was a happy encounter for me as this person taught me something which is an experience I always enjoy. I spent the morning with him skiing down an easy slope, having hot chocolate, and reminiscing .It was so nice to be with him and hear about his life today. The nicest part, however, was the way he treated me: buying me hot chocolate, pulling out my chair, asking if I was cold and wanted to go inside. I found myself noticing how nice it was to be taken care of in this manner.

Now I am not saying I hang out with rude people. I just don’t have a lot of people in my life who take care of me. I pride myself on taking care of myself and always have.

It was nice to be with a man who was solicitous of me: who noticed if I was cold or tired and who bought hot chocolate and who pulled out chairs. It felt safe and cozy and made me feel peaceful. So then I thought about that peaceful feeling and how good it felt and how relaxed it made me and how different it felt from most days. I liked the whole thing.

Maybe this feminist likes being taken care of despite the fact that I have resisted it for most of my life. Now that I am approaching old age I may be changing. What a scary thought. Let’s face it! It is nice to have someone notice how you are doing.

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