Fourth of July

Fourth of July in Real Time

Vail is filled with older couples who appear to be happy. They are well dressed, not fat and drink a lot. The other night I went to a great concert of Mozart and I liked it so much the next night I went back to hear the Blues and really fell in love. It’s a good thing to develop interests at an advanced age. I read in the NY Times that the Tibetans have developed a gene over the past 3000 years which enables them to survive high altitude better than the Chinese. Apparently altitude cuts down on the fertility rate of a society. I wonder if this affects desire as well. I wonder this because all of these older couples in Vail look as if they are not really that happy. Maybe it’s the altitude. Retiring to Vail and spending all your time with the same people isn’t my idea of fun but I am hyperactive. The man next to me at the concert was very engaging but only when his wife left her seat. She seemed unhappy he was speaking with me. I find this behavior insulting to me. I don’t want someone’s husband and never will. Now I may lust after some of them but that is done in the privacy of my own head. Vail is basically a lustful place for reasons I can’t explain. Maybe it’s the sensual shape of the mountains or the smell of the larkspur but it is a lustful place. I bet Tibet would be as well. It would be better if the Chinese suffered from a lack of desire rather than the Tibetans. I would rather have more Tibetans on this earth. Paul Krugman stated today that you can’t describe our economy as a recession as we have GDP growth. He also stated he thought there would be unemployment of over 10 % by the end of the year. I don’t even put my seat belt on anymore. It seems all over our world things are recreating themselves and then destroying them all over the place. I think the market will drop to under 6000. When I said this a year ago people thought I was crazy and said so. I think our houses will lose even more value and the oil spill will never be stopped. I think there will be a nuclear incident somewhere in the world and some badly behaved country will make a big mess for all of the rest of us. But, you know what? There’s nothing we can do but enjoy the present moment wherever we are and whomever we are with. We can really try not to be irritated by bad behavior by others like the mean man who brought a chair and plunked it down right in front of me and my friend today at the parade blocking our view. We can stop and listen a lot. This is now my favorite new thing to do. Just stop and listen and try to make a list of all the different things I hear.

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