Drunk Men and Women Who Hate Them

So tonight I had dinner with a friend who has been a friend for a long time. We shared a lot of laughs and had a great time as we always do. This woman is about ten years younger than me and is very attractive. I love to see her charming people (men) with her batting eyes and great figure. Tonight something changed and it was very interesting to me.

AT the end of our dinner as we were getting ready to leave the restaurant an older guy who had obviously had a lot to drink, came up to Sandy, put his arm around her, and asked if he bought her a bottle of champagne would she meet him for breakfast. Sandy laughed, and said “No”.

The guy stayed right where he was and leaned into her and asked her name which she gave to him still laughing.

I said to him, “She’s married.”

He said “Oh is that a problem? I noticed that!”

I asked him to leave us alone. He stayed.

Sandy still laughed.

Finally he left.

I was furious and I was also really interested in why I was so furious. Yes, of course, I was furious because he hadn’t been hitting on me. Ego bruised and all. I have to admit that was part of it. So I decided to think about what I would have done if it had been me. Would I have been less mad?


I think I find men who are drunk repulsive. I know that I find men who think women will melt under their”great charm” even more repulsive.

In the long run tonight was interesting as it made me look at the essence of valuing yourself in a world where attractive women are entities to be won or lost or not even given a place in the race? Perhaps it made me feel old. I can’t figure it out yet.I do know I really hate drunk men.

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